Dr Foreman’s PCT Stack




Dr Foreman’s PCT Stack

Take care of all your PCT needs in one purchase. Dr Foreman’s PCT stack includes the following items:

2 x hCG 5000 iu
1 x Core Tamoxifen 30 x 25 mg
2 x Core Clomid 30 x 25 mg

When you purchase Dr Foreman’s PCT stack, you will also receive a PDF file of Dr Foreman’s generic PCT protocol, which will work just fine for most people. Every post cycle will be different from the next because of the individual and the cycle itself, so we have also offered the option of a priority one on one service with Dr Foreman. This optional extra includes a personalised PCT protocol from Dr Foreman’s, as well as daily Q & A with Dr Foreman for any queries or concerns you may have, or if anything in your PCT program needs to be tweaked along the way. Dr Foreman has not put a time restriction on this service. He simply will complete the service once you are happy that your post cycle recovery has been successful.

Option: Priority Customer Care ($100.00) [ CLICK HERE ] To add this service to your cart!

Rate: 10/10
Half life: Available with PDF after purchase
Administration: Available with PDF after purchase
Dosage: Available with PDF after purchase


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